Tesla P100D Going Against A Modified Hellcat Challenger On a ¼ Drag Race! Place Your Bets Now!

We`ve seen a lot of Tesla drag racing videos lately, and if you thought that craze is over, think again. We are bringing you another epic drag racing skirmish of this kind. To be more precise, we are talking about a Tesla P100D brawling out with a modified Hellcat Challenger. However, we are not talking about some small modifications. Oh no. The owner of this Hellcat has gone for an obvious ECU remap and pulley upgrade. This should make a 6.2L V8 provide around 900HP at the crank. He also went for a pair of ET street pro drag radials.

On the other side, we have the Tesla P100D, and the guys who hoons this electric vehicle have only one goal in mind, which is to continually hunt Hellcats. The Tesla managed to cross the finish line first, however, the modified Hellcat Challenger made the faster time. There are different types of drag races, in some the winner is determined by faster time and in some by who crosses the finish line first. Here, it`s the latter. So, if the Hellcat driver had a better reaction at the light, he would`ve won. Nevertheless, the Tesla putting out such a good fight against a heavily modified Hellcat is more than impressive indeed.

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