First Invisible SUV – IAT Kalman 2016 Ford F Series Priced At $1.9 Million & Presented At 2016 Beijing Motor Show!

There sure were numerous weird and wacky cars presented at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show! But, of all the cars we have seen presented there, nothing comes even remotely close to the IAT Kalman 2016 Ford F Series!

What a beautifully eccentric and abstract design this SUV has! It`s designed in a way to have more angles than a spiral staircase! This 6 meters wide beast with its stealthy design looks like the F-117 bomber! And, with this peculiar design it makes the extreme SUVs like Dartz Combat and Hummer H1, look completely banal!

We know what you are thinking. You are thinking that these SUVs are production cars. Well, guess what?! IAT China reported that they will build 10 examples of the IAT Kalman, each and every one of them carrying a price of $1.85 million dollars! That`s like 26 times more expensive than the Ford`s most high priced F450 Super Duty model that costs $71,320!

We mentioned the F450 due to the reason that China`s Auto Sina reported that the IAT Kalman 2016 Ford F Series was based on the foundations of that very truck. It uses the F450`s 362HP 6.8 L Triton V10 engine!

The interior inside the IAT Kalman 2016 Ford F Series is astonishing as well. It looks like a combo between a stretch limo and a Ford truck! The dash is fully covered with Alcantara and on top of that dusted with golden accents! IAT also fitted the interior with as much top class wood as it can get its hands on! The IAT Kalman has 4 seats in which the passengers at the rear are getting a fully royal treatment.

IAT Kalman 2016 Ford F Series took a great inspiration from Rolls Royce. It goes with features like a starlight roof, champagne cooler, a fridge and matching teacups in different sizes.

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