The 2014 FORD F450 BLACK OPS! Best Ford Truck Ever?!

There is absolutely no doubt that we had seen numerous and various great specimens of ultra-powerful trucks out there, and that when it comes to personal taste, it is pretty much pointless to debate about. But the example that you are going to see in the following video that we have prepared for you in this article, could very well be the best Ford truck that I have ever seen and which cannot leave anyone indifferent! Especially if you are a Ford truck aficionado, then this 2014 Ford F450 Black Ops pickup truck will most definitely make you gasp.

This highly unique and original example, that features many different and original parts, is a product of the Tuscany company, and it is the only one on the planet. So do not get your hopes high! It is packing the well know 6.7 liter Ford Power Stroke diesel motor that is giving a total output of over 400 HP and 800+ torque power! It is a real monster of a truck, with an access to the so called Black Ops, which are giving you an ability to do almost everything you can think of.

No matter whether you are a Ford fan or not, if you have any respect for powerful trucks, you are going to love this black 2014 Ford F450 Black Ops. Just watch the video and see this monster inside-out yourself! And if you want to see more great pickup trucks, go to this link.