We got used on watching impressive examples that are coming from Australia, whether it is some jaw-dropping and fast as hell muscle monster, or some huge and powerful truck, or totally insane buggy, but the one that you are going to see in the video below, is a little bit different. It is definitely not like most of the trucks we are showing you on a regular basis, but nevertheless, I think that it is really interesting and intriguing, and I believe it deserves to be presented. It is a Tree Transplanting truck!

The truck belongs to the Melbourne`s Professional Tree Care company, and, as you can guess, it is specialized in tree care, transplanting, and other things which are involving trees. When mature trees have grown in an environment that is inappropriate for the tree in question, the free transplanting truck is here to get the job done. This free transplanting truck can transplant trees of all sizes and ages. We suspect this company comes with all kinds of experts. Specialists in the arboricultural field are needed in order to accomplish this kind of an operation successfully.

Today you are going to see an illustration, how this Scania truck smoothly relocates pretty big tree from one place to another. This tree transplanting truck is equipped with a machine that does all the digging by itself. The machine is kind of spade mounted on the truck. It digs out the root ball and the tree, lifting it successfully onto the back of the truck. Then the removal seems to be a piece of cake. Very extraordinary, we are sure you have not seen anything like it. It relocates all kinds of trees to their new destination without any difficulties.

Just watch the video and later on tell us what you think about it in the comment section below! And since we are `talking` about tree removing trucks, go to this link if you want to see the American version of it.