This Suzuki Hayabusa Is The Fastest BIKE In The World! 500BHP!

Everywhere a car enthusiast goes, he sees fast-moving vehicles with new technological innovations built into them. However, not everything has to be the very best in the latest technology. Sometimes you just need raw power, like this 500 BHP Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike has packed into its frame. This motorbike is the fastest in the world according to some experts, and even though the second generation has supposedly improved, it only has about 172BHP, which is incomparable. It`s so scary to drive that I think even experienced bikers would have trouble getting on and handling it at its top speed.

I bet the engineers working on the amazing Suzuki Hayabusa motorbike decided that 500BHP is just too much so they decided to downscale to 172BHP for the second generation, however the first will always hold that special charm. With a top speed of 194MPH (yes, that is over 300KP/H!) it`s the fastest production motorbike ever made, and it has deserved its title as king of the bikes. Watching this super powered motorbike glide down the highway is a relaxing sight – if you can catch up quickly enough to film it happen! If not, the only thing you`ll see is a dot in the distance – that`s how fast this bike is!

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