Daredevil Audi R8 Driver Races Superbikes On The Highway At 170 MPH!

It`s a sunny day in South America and this guy decided to take his friends and go for a ride on the highway. They ride along and suddenly some guys on bikes overtake them! However, this daredevil Audi driver is having none of it! He shifts gears and rushes forward, dodging cars left and right in the process. He finally overtakes the bikes when he reaches 170 MPH. This is happening on a highway, mind you, with people driving as slow as 50-55 MPH, with old people and beginners all around!

There are a lot of aspects of this kind of driving that should be discussed, but we can say that this is definitely not safe and should not be practiced! Racing belongs on racetracks, not somewhere where people could get hurt. Anyway, as the bikes catch on, the daredevil Audi driver waves goodbye to them as they reach a pay toll and his friends beg him to slow down. The adrenaline is still pumping through their bodies as they return to their normal driving speed and the bikes run off, thanking the daredevil Audi driver for the great race.

At last, see what dangerous driving can bring and consider changing that habit!