This Must Be The SCARIEST BRIDGE In The U.S.! Are You Also Afraid To Drive Across The Chesapeake Bridge Maryland?

The World is full of all sorts of crazy and weird things! People of today have seen a lot. However, we never thought that one could be afraid of a bridge! What`s that all about?! Well, apparently, there is a bridge called the Chesapeake Bridge Maryland and it is definitely the SCARIEST bridge in America!!! 200 feet tall in some spots and 4.3 miles long, it makes people have serious trouble of passing it! Many even go to therapies to overcome their fear of this bridge! Talk about bridge paranoia.

If you are thinking that it cannot be that serious, let us just tell you that people actually pay good money ($25) to a so called “bay bridge drive over” company to get you over the Chesapeake bridge Maryland! This might surprise you, but the business is flourishing! Some people even pay the drivers to drive them in their own cars just to avoid the pressure they get behind the wheel!

Alex Robinson, the owner of the company is very professional about his job as he always tries to get the conversation with the passengers away from the bridge! He definitely works as some kind of a therapist from a certain point of view. When one terrified passenger is asked why she is so terrified by the Chesapeake Bridge Maryland she replies that the bridge is obsolete when it comes to its functionality. Also that the bridge lacks emergency pull offs.

When it comes to the specifications of the Chesapeake Bridge Maryland it`s nearly 200 feet tall in certain areas. It is measured to be long 4.3 miles from beginning to end. For some bikers, it`s out of the question to get behind the wheel and drive across this terrifying Chesapeake Bridge Maryland.

Check it out for yourself!

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