Driving Bus Through A VERY NARROW & SCARY TUNNEL! You Will Need Nerves Of Steel & Years Of Experience To Do This!

If you have travelled enough through our beloved country, than you know it has many interesting and weird places! Such is this scary tunnel that you are about to see. The video was shot by a man who says he just had to have a video of this! What`s so special about it you ask? It`s just a scary tunnel? Just a narrow tunnel? Well think twice! Because what you are about to see is much more than just a video with a scary tunnel. You will be stunned – we guarantee!

First and foremost -- don`t call your driving skills into question after watching this video. Because every driver is good for himself/herself but this bus driver is phenomenal, more than a regular driver! We have seen plenty of gifted drivers, but this particular one definitely deserves the primacy! This man had the task to drive a charter bus through one of the narrowest tunnels we have ever seen, which is a part of the Needles Highway near Rapid City, SD.

At first glance, we thought that the bus will get stuck! Anyway, we suppose that he has done this endeavor many times before, because it is not a task you would leave anyone to do! On the second thought, imagine the skills this driver has in order to deserve the chance to fit the bus through that tunnel for the first time! Bravo! He left us in awe! On the other hand, there is a catch. It is very simple – if the side mirrors can fit the tunnel, the whole bus can fit. Either way, a great deal of courage is needed! Bus drivers, we are expecting your thoughts about this!

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