Being the fastest is the ultimate goal of every drag racer and the Drag Radials event offers the greatest opportunity for one to fulfill that dream of his. And Jason Michalak from Texas just did that. With his mighty Bad9er Racing blown hemi Corvette he made a historic performance that will definitely stay untouched in the Guinness Book of Records for a long time. From 0 to 194 mph in less than 4 seconds – now that`s a world record!

The mind blowing moment took place during the qualification phase of the 1/8 competition. Jason showed up with his mean looking machine that was ready to make a remarkable pass everybody will talk about. Just for the record, this astonishing run is the second 3-Sec pass ever recorded officially. The first one was set by Brad Edwards, who run 3.99 last fall. Anyway, Jason Michalak is the new Drag Radials king, who apparently took the throne thanks to the AFCO Racing shocks he used on his Corvette. Once again, congratulations to his entire team that made everything of this possible and we hope that we will hear a lot more amazing stories related to Jason and his awesome Corvette. For now, we will just replay the historic moment on the video below!

At last, follow this link if you want to see the world record set by the fastest Gen3 Dodge Challenger Hemi.