2000+HP Lamborghini X Goes 233mph Right In The Book Of Records!

Car enthusiasts will never stop trying to break world records, and today we have another successful attempt that will definitely force the people from Guinness to publish a new edition of their famous book of records. The goal was to break the 225 MPH in ½ mile world record and thanks to an outrageous 2000+HP Lamborghini Gallardo, the mission was easy as pie. The specially built Lamborghini has quite incredible things under its hood and the one that makes it pumps out over 2000HP is the Lamborghini X version Twin Turbo kit.

This engine helped this Lamborghini to sound exactly like a jet, so you better turn up your volume while watching the video, if you want to experience the real power of this awesome looking monster. In addition, the way how this car smoothly made this run will even more impress you and make you want to replay the footage bellow. We feel sorry for all GTR fans, but we must admit that this Lamborghini X simply nailed it!

Anyway, check out this beast here!