We Have The NEW Guinness Fastest Monster Truck!

How fast do you think a Monster Truck can go? Not much. No matter how powerful they look they were not made to outright speed. Their main purpose is to amuse people, to perform in front of them as they crash jalopies, jump over them etc. But this time we have something different, Mark Hall will try to set a Guinness World Record for Fastest Monster Truck with his Raminator! After a brilliant career followed by 9 `Driver of the Year` awards he is going to try to get another one! A record this time, and not any record – A WORLD RECORD!

Previous World record for Fastest Monster Truck was 96.8 miles per hour, so Mark and Ram have a tough task in front of them. Mark himself is aiming for the Hundred (100 mph), but everything above 96.8 mph is great! On the outskirts of Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of the Americas – a world record was broken! The new Champion is Mark Hall and his fastest monster truck – THE RAMINATOR with 99.10 mph! It is not the 100 mph Mark was hoping for, but it is a Guinness World Record!

Anyway, check out this list of fast trucks!