Meet Go n Green Monster Truck! Go Eat Your Heart Out Green Goblin!

I guess that when it comes to best mega & monster trucks that can be found out there in this world, there is not a better place to see all those monsters at one place than Dennis Anderson`s event, North Vs South, that took place about a half month ago at Muddy Motorsports Park. I hope that there are some amongst you who had been there and can tell us about the impressions first hand, but from what we can see from the videos that are coming from there, it was obviously one hell of show, with probably the best trucks gathered at one place. What we have here in the following video that you are about to see, is the so called GO N GREEN Chevy mega truck, doing its performance at the dirt track and showing off its power and full potential of handling every challenge there is on the track.

If the Green Goblin from Spiderman could have seen this monster, he probably would have thought twice about that silly flying skateboard he uses. This is one hell of great monster truck, so enjoy the video and that mighty display of its skills.

Enjoy the video below!

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