1952 Buick Super Riviera Sets The World Record At Bonneville Salt Flats!

It was not that long ago when one of the best drivers in the world, Jeff Brock, set his world speed record! Three years ago, in October 2012, Jeff Brock who was driving his “Bombshell Betty” – a 1952 Buick Super Riviera, has hit the gas pedal and broke the world record at Bonneville Salt Flats!

As the rules require, the record from the first run has to be repeated in a second run in order to be a new world record! Which is exactly what Jeff Brock did, after driving with a top speed of 165.202 miles per hour in the first try, he overdid himself and drove even faster in the second run where he reached a top speed of 165.559 miles per hour!

When combined, the total average of the two runs made 165.380 miles per hour – enough for a new WORLD RECORD to be set! Many would argue that 165 miles per hour is not that much and that people reach that speed on regular bases. But may we remind you that Jeff Brock drove this 1952 Buick Super Riviera with an 8 cylinder motor.  Check out the video bellow!

Plus, if you want to see his preparations for the run, follow this link.