Suzuki HAYABUSA RECORD in Puerto Rico – 7.69 @ 185MPH!

There are not many things in this world that can actually bend the laws of physics, but one of them is the turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa! If it has the right components, and the proper tuning, one fine specimen can do over 600 HP at the wheel. I know that you may think `it is easy to toss around with huge numbers`, but if you want to know how does it feel when the earth starts shaking when one hits the full throttle on a boosted bike, just try talking with some of the people who are building, tuning and riding these ultimately powerful and fast bikes. This article, however, is about a Suzuki Hayabusa record, read on…

The comments that you will most often hear about this out-of-this-world bike, are that highly boosted `Busa is something that you can never get enough of, and that it is bike that it is boosting so hard, that sometimes makes it even impossible to keep up shifting, or to even sit tightly on it.

The best example of this is the video that we have prepared in this article, in which you will see the turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa record of 7.69 seconds at 185 mph, down on the Salinas speedway in Puerto Rico. What an insanely powerful race! Just notice the rider`s reaction and the effort to keep up with his bike`s power.