How To SUPER FLUSH A Car Cooling System!

This way of super flushing your carĀ cooling system will get all that nasty old coolant out of your radiator, engine block and heater core and then fill that up back again with fresh new coolant. However, you might check ChrisFix`s other tutorial on how to make sure that the cooling system needs flushing. In that one, he goes through many tests in order to determine whether the coolant needs flushing. You can find that video in the description of the video. First thing first, before doing this, you need to make sure that your car`s engine is cool.

SUPER FLUSH Your Cars Cooling System 2

Also you need to make sure that the entire system is pressurized because you do not want to accidentally burn yourself. ChrisFix does this tutorial on a Ford 3L V6 engine. In this case, he has a coolant tank and a radiator cap. However, take in mind that some vehicles don’t have this cap. Nevertheless, everything he does through the cap you can do through the reservoir tank. Another very important thing to mention is that you need to apply a coolant flush couple of days before flushing your car cooling system.

This chemical flush is going to significantly help flushing out any contaminants and loosen up debris. Use the entire bottle of chemical flush for better flushing. Couple of days later, the flush would`ve circulated throughout the entire system and now you are ready to perform the coolant flush. Other things you`ll need for this to work it`s just some basic hand tools, drain pans and distilled water.

Lastly, follow this link to learn how to diagnose a problem with the cooling system.