That’s The Way To Deal With Environment Polluters!

Isn`t it an annoying sight when you see environment polluters getting rid of their trash in the worst possible manner? We are referring to the way when people do not see a trash can nearby and simply decide to throw the garbage on the street! That just throws us off balance! Fortunately, there is one vigilante ready to teach everybody a lesson! And the video below is a recording of her in action!

It is a word of a girl who really takes care of the environment. But she is not just an ordinary girl! She acts! What makes this situation even more interesting is the fact that she is riding a motorbike when tries to keep the environment clean in a very unique way! First, she notices how one person throws a pack of cigarettes from the car window. Then, she approaches the environment polluters and seeks something to “return the favor” and decides to go for the public ashtray! Takes it and throws it in the polluter`s lap! So that person will think twice if is in a similar situation next time! The biker does this two more times with different people in different situations.

Anyhow, isn`t it pretty obvious that all this may be prearranged? Whatever the story is, feel free to leave your comments bellow. And now. I invite you to read the 10 reasons why you should date a girl who rides a bike! You will laughing out loud on reason number 2.