RUSSIANS Having Fun AGAIN! See What Happened!

When people are fed up with their cars, they want to get rid of them by selling them or taking them to the local car dealer and get a certain amount of money. Still, not everybody thinks these are the ways to make the most of the car you don`t want anymore. These Russians having fun, found new, a little bit fun, and on the other hand slightly polluting and dangerous way (even though it doesn`t seem like that, because it looks like these guys have done this previously).

When you decide to do something like this you have to approach to the occurrence with caution, because you might do something you will regret later. Also, when you do something in these proportions fun, things can easily go downhill. Not everybody knows how to handle the situation when the car is under water and he/she is still inside. Additionally, we have to orientate ourselves towards being more environmentally friendly. Why throw the car into the pond, still in driving condition, when you can take it to the recycling center, make some profit and help the environment. But, this is how Russians having fun!