Wife Burning Money Like Steak! Husband Hid $20K In The Oven!

All of us have a secret place where we hide our cash, but some people are exaggerating with their choice of location. Ovens and microwaves should be definitely the last places to think of when you want to hide your treasure and that lesson has been thoroughly learned by this unlucky man who made a decision like that. Those are places where burning money is present!

After selling his Toyota Supra for $20,000 one Australian faced a stark choice where to hide his money, without saying that to his wife. Finally, the oven sounded as the perfect place for this man, as he has come up with a conclusion that nobody in his house, including his wife, ever cooked. But, you know women, they can surprise us at any moment and so has the wife of this unlucky Australian, who decided to use the oven in order for lunch to be prepared. And yes, along with it, she commenced the burning money process.

Shocked, mad, distraught, nervous… We can just guess the feelings that have occupied this misfortunate family. At least, the lesson is learned -- you should think twice before selling your Toyota Supra and you definitely need to start sharing some of your secrets with your wife.

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