For centuries now, girls have been labeled with the stereotype that they are not good at motor sports! No matter if we are talking about cars or motorbikes, it goes either way! Well, Sarah Lezito is here to prove all those stereotypes wrong! If you have never heard of this beautiful girl, let us give you a brief representation!

Originating from France, she begins to perform stunts at the age of 13. She used to ride a Yamaha DTX 125 until her 16th birthday and then transferred to HONDA CB 500 when she turned 18! Not only she looks good, she performs tricks EVEN BETTER! We must applaud Ms. Sarah Lezito for her incredible skill and talent! Keep it up!

Her passion for motor sports, her dedication and hard work paid off as she stood out from all the other riders and won various prestige competitions! However, we are here to present to you one of her videos where she performs amazing stunts! One more thing makes her unique, her beauty and positive spirit! This trinity of STUNT PERFORMER, BEAUTY and POSITIVE SPIRIT makes this person loveable and one-of-a-kind! Enjoy the next couple of minutes as our dear Sarah performs in front and FOR you!

She has a lot to offer, from wheelies and stoppies, to even standing on her head while riding her bike! Sarah Lezito is truly talented we must say! We are really curious as to how the final stunt ended. It looks like she failed the landing, but just as she was about to hit the ground, the video ended! What do you think happened? Nonetheless, everything else in this video is excellent, and this is why you have to check it out! Have a great day and enjoy the stunts! Cheers!

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