How Car Cooling System Works! Awesome Animation!

There are tons of things you can learn everyday about cars. As new systems appear each day, we struggle to keep in touch with the latest ones. But some of us are even not familiar with the basic concepts of how certain car parts work. Hereby we take a look at this incredible animation that is going to help you easily understand how the cooling system works. The video contains every bit of information you need to know. The whole process begins in the engine itself as it produces power by simply converting chemical energy of the fuel into heat energy by combustion.

Understand The Cooling System 2

This is nicely presented in the animation so you would not have any problem in understanding it. Part of this generated heat is used to push the piston downwards. Moreover, some of the heat is carried away by the exhaust gases through the exhaust valve whereas the remaining heat is absorbed by the engine itself that increases its temperature.

A normal cooling system would consist of the following things, thermostat, heater core, coolant reservoir, radiator, fan and a water pump. As soon as the engine is started, the water pump begins pumping the coolant around the engine cylinder from the lower radiator tank into the coolant passages. The coolant then absorbs the heat generated by the combustion process and flows towards the radiator inlet. If you want to learn more about the way a cooling system works, make sure you go through the whole video below!

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