The Legendary BRITISH Napier Deltic Diesel ENGINE! See How It Works From This Beautiful ANIMATION!

The Napier Deltic Diesel Engine is something very unusual and interesting. It`s something that you`ll never see on European cars and Focuses. It`s a British invention which is a supercharged uniflow scavenged, two-stroke, opposed-piston valveless engine. It`s primarily used in locomotive and marine applications. It`s designed by the British company Napier & Son. This creation proves how much the IC engine technology has advanced over the years. The cylinders of this engine are separated in three parts and put in a triangle. The engine takes its name from the Greek world delta which means fluctuations between worst and best result.

The letter Delta is also a triangle which fits the name of the Napier Deltic Diesel Engine perfectly. The configuration of this engine is very efficient. However, it`s not really fast enough. This is the reason why this extraordinary engine is not frequently used in all fields except locomotives and the marine industry. In this video, you can see how this engine exactly works. We found it very mesmerizing. The two top crankshafts run counterclockwise while the bottom one runs clockwise. We would like to see one of these babies in a hot rod! Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

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