You Love TRAINS?! Ernie Beskowiney Has Invested 7 Years In This Live Steam CN 6060 Locomotive Project!

We know there are plenty of train lovers out there who enjoy every spin of the wheel and every wheel and rail touching point! And there is no train lover who does not adore and respect the good old steam machine. Although these locomotives are a target these days due to their impact to the environment, they are still the founders of modern railways! However, we are now here to discuss this CN 6060 locomotive made by a single man. A lover and admirerer of the steam locomotives!

He decided to reconstruct the 6060 locomotive in all CNC style! It is completely made of stainless steel as the scale chosen for the project is something similar to a 1:8 scale. The amazingly skilfull craftman here is Ernie Beskowiney who invested a lot to construct this 6060 locomotive. He has put 7 years of labor here and spent almost 35,000 hours to complete his passion. The locomotive now attracts smiles on people’s faces and makes children happy to see it. Ernie is even prouder to the fact that he had constructed this amazing peice of craftsmanship – CN 6060 locomotive! Check it out!

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