Incredible WATER WHEEL PUMP Design! Something Only Super GENIUS MINDS Can Build!

A water pump is needed to pump the water from a river or a lake to a destination you want the water to go. However, water pumps need electricity in order to work. However, what if you don`t have any electricity at the place you want to pump water from? One ingenious mind came up with a very incredible water wheel pump design to solve that problem.

Water Wheel Pump Design 4

He created the amazing water pump to power itself using only the power of water. A water pump powering itself with water is the most practical thing ever! A paradise for everyone who needs to water his/hers fields.

You must wonder, how does this slick water wheel pump design works? It runs by raising the water situated in the wheel way higher than the release pipe which is additionally your rotor shaft.

The quantity of lift or head will be constrained to just under the highest point that the wheel has. The larger the wheel`s diameter is, the bigger the head. For example, if the wheel is situated 3 feet above the shaft, the wheel can pump uphill for around 3 feet as well.

However, you need to remember that if the discharge pipe is at approximately the same level as the highest point of the wheel, it won`t pump at all.

Finally, take a look at this demonstration of fuel consumption, here!