TOP 5 COMPILATION – Watching The Water Flowing From Open Dam Flood Gates! Satisfying Feeling!

Water is a giver or taker of life. With it barren land can be cultivated, without it no life can be sustained. Because human history is replete with cycles of drought and flood, we have sought bought to conserve and to protect ourselves from this destructive yet essential resource. We maximize our water use with dams. There are an estimated 900,000 dams worldwide. In this video we have only 5 dams with their massive dam flood gates from which water discharges. We got to say, we enjoy a lot what we are seeing here. You will be amazed at this beautiful cinematography as the water is discharged from the dam.

In this process, which is called emergency discharging, you`ll watch as massive amount of water simultaneously flow from the dam flood gates. You will find the effusive water flow like music to your ears. It delivers a magical symphony that will definitely not leave you halfhearted. However, why water discharges? Well, all dams are designed to cumulate water when it`s available in abundance. But sometimes the amount of water is way too much and goes beyond the capacity of the dam. Because of this, the water has to be ejected. Otherwise, damages to the dam may occur. Enjoy the soothing video below and tell us what you think.

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