CAR DENT FIX With Boiling Water! Must SEE This Amazing Do It Yourself Video!

Getting a dent in your car is almost certain that will happen eventually in one`s lifetime, no matter how careful we are, something will cause a dent on your car! No matter if a soaring out of control basketball, accidentally bumping in shopping carts or an accident at an automatic carwash or some other common cause, it`s bound to happen. And in this video we present to you a very handy solution for a car dent fix. A solution that is perfectly do it yourself material, and you will save a lot on mechanic costs.

The things you will need for this very handy way to dent repair your car is a teapot of boiling water, rubber gloves so you don`t burn yourself (you won`t notice any rubber gloves on the guy in this video but we think it should be mandatory) and we also think you should have another pot filled with cold water.

From this guy in the video we can see he is just pouring the hot water on the dent, and while it`s still hot he just reaches inside and pops it out. After the dent pops out and is fixed, simply use the pot with the cold water and pour it on the place where the dent was hot so that spot can be quickly cooled down. That`s how a car dent fix is done!

But unfortunately this technique doesn`t work on every material, this simple technique works only on benders and fenders made out of plastic. So if the area surface that was dented was made out of metal instead of plastic you can car dent fix it using different solutions. There are a lot of inexpensive tools that you can buy and use to fix the dent yourself. One of those tools is a dent removing suction cup tool which is very efficient and as we said pretty cheap. Hope this technique will be of great help to you.

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