Do-It-Yourself Tutorial: ALIGNING WHEELS Using The STRING METHOD! You Ought To Give It A Try!

Taking your vehicle to a professional repair service does not always mean that they are going to meet your criteria. That situation simply can make you nervous and decide to either change the place where you were leaving your vehicle, or to take things in your own hands! So today, we have one more video from the Do-It-Yourself series, which is definitely going to save you both money and time! You don`t need to be an expert in cars. All you need are several basic wrenches, strings, and some metal pans that will help you move the wheels during the process. Using this method for aligning wheels is simple and most importantly, it works!

First, you are going to start with tying the strings to the jack stands, which will serve as your guide. With this, you can measure your progress. Next, you need only several wrenches, depending on your vehicle. After the presentation of the required wrenches, the guy in the video goes under the vehicle and thoroughly explains what needs to be done! It`s so simple! You just need to twist a bolt and that`s pretty much it! Later on, he describes how you will know that you have done the job accurately. Basically, this is where the strings come in hand. They are stretched straight, and help you see whether or not your wheel aligning has been done right. You have to check the string from time to time to see if the wheels are aligned. This is done by tapping the strings, to see if there is any movement. If there is none, then you have done the job accurately! Aligning wheels has never been made easier. Hope you`ll find this useful!

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