DIY And Rust Repair Your MINION Against Its WORST ENEMY!

The most hideous problems of all that every person hates and the number of people dealing with it is not small – RUST! In other words, it is maybe your car`s number 1 foe! But don`t worry! We have a simple video solution for rust repair that is going to save you some money and you can do it yourself, rather than taking your vehicle to some shop where often happens to be robbed. In order to complete this rust repair task you are going to need: a fiberglass repair kit, a body filler, sand paper, solvent wipes and also paint (both primer and top coat).

Begin with removing loose rust using a wire brush or something similar and it would be the best if you get all the way to bare metal. Mix some fiberglass paste with the exact amount of hardener next apply it to the damaged area. After the paste is hardened sand off what’s extra. Later mix some body filler and hardener and then put it on the fixed area. After this mixture is hardened, sand it smoothly. Remove any dust or grease with a solvent wipe. Next, apply primer paint. When it gets dry, wet sand it and let it dry off again. Repeat this until the primer surface is ideal. Spray on the top coat several times and voila!

At last, if you want to see another step-by-step guide for rust spots repair, follow this link.