When you put some thought into how expensive house maintenance can be, you will take a glimpse at this efficient project and immediately wonder how to apply it in your home! It`s actually nothing more than a water wheel made from totally free parts. It`s consisted of a few car components like an old alternator, power inverter and batteries. Put them all together into this great project and you get free hydro power for your house!

water wheel generator 2

You got admit, this is really mind-blowing! With a couple of extremely easy-to-get  components, you can literally power your house.

The only costs of powering your house this way is equipment maintenance, which considering the equipment, must be super-cheap! What is even more mind-blowing than this is the fact that only very select few are actually choosing this way of getting free hydro power. The video below explains everything from end to end on how this free power system actually works. You`ll be amazed at how such a small amount of handy work can yield free power like this. Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts on the matter. Would you try something like this in order to power your own home?

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