WELDING ART! This Expert Welder Transforms Junk Welds Into Magnificent Welds! Walking The Cup VS TIG Finger!

Welding is an art just like any other! It very much relies on human oversight, sense and perception! Meaning that automated welding is limited and cannot result in the same quality like that of a human welder! Fortunately for all welders, technological advances are not a threat to their artistic profession! The art of welding may look easy at first sight, however, if you`ve tried welding you know how difficult it can be! As we said, to become an expert welder, you need to possess artistic sense and steady surgeon hands! So generally speaking, it takes a lot of practice!

In the footage below you will be able to see one expert welder doing some magnificent welds out of junk welds! He is also demonstrating how the TIG welding technique can come in very handy if walking the cup technique doesn`t work! For some applications, walking the cup technique really does not work very well. Occasionally, the tip cup tends to leave scratches on the metal surface. When those scratches are not allowed the TIG finger technique comes as a very reliable solution! Even if you are not much into welding, we are sure that the artistry of this amazing welder will leave you jaw-dropped!

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