It`s an almost everyday situation. You go to your car, you see it`s locked. You reach for your pockets, you don`t find key. You take a minute to think, you realize the keys are stuck inside! Well, do not worry, because you are about to see the FIREMAN FINGER trick, which will ease your life!

So far, we had the opportunity to see various methods of opening our cars without keys, and I will repeat again, that you should not violate those tricks on other cars, but your own! If you remember, we`ve learnt how to open car doors with a simple shoe lace or a hanger, but for both of them you need handy fingers and lots of concentration. So, if you get tired trying that, then, I bet that you`re ready to smash your car window, but even then you will need to be careful to not get hurt. Well, this video has the best instructions for doing just that! This is the fireman finger myth.

In the footage, a professional fireman, unveils the so-called “Fireman Finger” trick as a part of an extraction training to his students, whereas one brave bloke breaks the ice by trying the method by himself. And he did it! Actually, the trick is so simple that everyone can carry it out. All you need to do is start tapping the window from its center to its bottom right corner and voila – the rules of physics weaken the window surface and with the last tap the window breaks. Now, the question is, can we still believe in this “magic” having in mind the fact that the guys from “MythBusters” have tried really hard to perform it?! Watch the video and give us your answer and opinion!

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