Square Wheels? UNBELIEVABLE: No Vibrations With Square Wheels ON! Do You Believe In This MYTH?

The Mythbusters are here with another interesting episode. The myth this time claims that there are no vibrations while driving with square wheels at a proper speed.

No Vibrations With Square Wheels ON Mythbusters 2

Do not want to make this article about me, but I just need to tell you a story. When I was little, I used to think about cars a lot, just like all you Gearheads do. And I always imagined a car with square wheels! How would it be to ride in such thing? It was always in my dreams as I would wake up from all the vibrations! A smooth ride with square wheels was just not imaginable! Well, the Mythbusters proved me and my childhood dreams wrong! Check this out!

We are nearly all fans of Mythbusters, we love their sense of humor; the concept and the uniqueness of the show and of course their ability to cross the limits. With high risk and lots of desire to break the myths, Adam and Jamie continue to prove us some rules in the world of cars, this time regarding the wheels.

Why are they in circle form? Physics says it all, but Mythbusters would not be Mythbusters if they do not try something different. For our pleasure, these guys have the courage to install square wheels on a truck, in order to demonstrate that if they move with a certain speed, the vibration level would be reduced and the ride will be smoother. Did they succeed? Well, the drive is not so long to answer that question, but one thing is sure – if they have driven longer, than those square wheels would turn into round ones.

No matter what is the myth or what assignment these guys got, you will definitely have fun with this hilarious video. We are waiting now for a video where Adam and Jamie will try their driving skills on triangular wheels. Are they ready for that?

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