EPIC WIN Compilation of Cars, Bikes, Stunts & Ordinary Life Fails!

What we have prepared for you is a great eight minute Epic Win Compilation video of legendary and epic fails, incredible stunts and all sorts of insane things from every walk of life. The things that people do, can really be something special, and capturing those moments with camera is the real thing to do. Otherwise, how would we be able to remember them, talk about it and have many laughs?

So the things that you are about too see, have a lot of humor, unbelievable stunts (that nobody with a right mind would even try to do) and some unique human behavior. In some of them, you may recognize yourself at some point and moments in life. But I hope not, because most of these guys are simply crazy!

At 6:10 you will see the Colombian goal keeper Rene Higuita practicing his epic save from the World Cup, than the incredible street performers at 6:13 and at 6:27, you will find out why it is a good thing to be black and tall and many, many more!

Anyway, there is something epic about this Rat Rod too!

Enjoy the video below!

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