Want To Remove Car Scratches? Watch This Video On How NOT To Do It!

No person in the world wants his or her ride to be damaged. This goes for even the smallest possible damage, such as scratches! You can take care of your car as much as you want to, but still it will get scratched eventually. This is virtually unavoidable, no matter how good you drive! This is why we had to share this interesting video with you guys. It is about a solution on how to remove car scratches! To be more precise actually, I tells you how NOT to do it!

The guy in the video tells us about the WD-40 and lighter trick. All you have to do is get some soapy water and towels, and start cleaning the damage using them. After cleaning the scratched area, you soak it with WD-40, and clean it up using the towel. At the end, you use the lighter, and spray WD-40 towards the flame! Spraying WD-40 over clear coat causes a chemical reaction with the clear coat itself and basically smooths it out and removes the scratches!

This is the WD-40 and lighter trick on how to remove car scratches. However, we advise you to watch the video until the very end! The main reason for this is that this trick is A COMPLETE HOAX! The good news is that he actually tells us that he is lying, so you don`t have to spend any money trying to do this!

The reason why the guy made this video is because he wanted to help people out! Apparently many people have fallen victim to this trick, so he decided to make a video where he points out that THIS DOESN`T WORK! If you ever have to remove car scratches, DO NOT DO THIS GUYS! See the video explanation here!

At last, follow this link to find out how you can repair your car on your own!