The Future Is Now: See The First 3D PRINTED PROSTHETIC HAND!

Minor accidents teach us valuable lessons and they may change the way we see the world. However, if a major accident occur, it can be a complete life changer. For instance, a loss of limb can simply devastate any human being. On the other hand, there are people born this way, and they probably are used to live a life without a limb but that does not mean that they have to spend the rest of their lives hoping for a solution. In fact, the solution for the people who miss a hand is finally here with this 3D PRINTED PROSTHETIC HAND!


It is a word of the 3D printed prosthetic hand created by Open Bionics! This team has recently won the James Dyson Award, a reputable UK award. Anyway, this devices can be 3D printed in less than two days, meaning that it saves a lot of time and money too! The estimated price would be something above $3000. Every prosthetic hand is custom made i.e. the user`s hand is scanned then the hand is printed. Furthermore, the hand moves with the help of sensors which are attached on the user`s skin and they collect muscle movements thus controlling the hand. Hope that we are going to see this product on the market the following year!

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