Interested In Great Drift Trikes?! Check Out This Installation: CHEVY ALTERNATOR ON A TURBO DRIFT TRIKE?!?!

Even if you are not so much into drift trikes, but still, you love and enjoy watching different machines driving sideways, then you must have noticed that the drift trikes are becoming more and more popular. Which is the reason why we keep on running upon various clips that are showing us different drift trike projects, some interesting and intriguing installations that simply cannot leave a person indifferent.

And given the fact just how much fun one has drifting these little but powerful machines, it`s only understandable why the Gearheads are constantly trying to create something more powerful. Just like these guys, that you`re going to see in the video below, who had come up with quite an interesting idea, to make a really powerful turbo drift trike, by installing an alternator from a 1985 Chevrolet C10 on it.

We`re not going to pretend that we know a lot about these little drift beasts, just because we had seen and shown you various drift trike clips, especially when it comes to the specific subject in the following video. Thus, if you got interested from what we`ve told you so far, and want to see the entire process of the becoming of this turbo drift trike, with a 1985 Chevy C10 alternator on it, check out the following video and find out everything about it yourself.

And in a case you`re interested in building your own drift trike, go to this link if you want to learn about some essential tips on how to build a powerful trike, you could be proud of.