Here’s A Little Treat For Everyone! Meet A Gorgeous GIRL WHO’S A PRO AT DRIFT TRIKES!

All of you who are following us on a regular basis, could not help but noticing that in the last few months (maybe even more), we have significantly increased the number of drift trike clips that we are showing you. And of course, the reason for that is quite simple! Even from the first moments when we had shown you some of the primal drift videos with trikes (I believe it was the one from the New Zealand), we were all utterly impressed by just how cool and fun they are! And when I say impressed, I refer to all of us, on both sides of the

Therefore, every time we have the pleasure of running upon one such video, we feel kind of obliged to show it to you as soon as possible. Just like in this case.

I will give you just a short intro, and then I`ll leave you to watch it in peace and charge your `pleasure batteries` with it! Because that`s exactly how you going to feel after you`re done watching it – as if your pleasure capacity has been fully charged. Which means that the whole clip isn`t just about a girl who drift like a pro with her trike, but that`s just an icing on the cake! After you`ll see many great and powerful rides shredding tires, you will meet one beautiful ginger female who`s having a great time with her trike.

And this is where I stop. I`m leaving the rest to you, to find out by watching the following 13 minutes of great fun and drifting! So just check out the video and enjoy! And for the ones who want to get a drift trike themselves, go to this link, and maybe you`ll find something that`ll interest you!