Supermarket Shopping Whilst Sitting Behind The Wheel! What Do You Think Of This Futuristic Idea?

We have seen some really nice ideas about the future, and we have even shared some of them with you guys here! This futuristic idea earned the right to be shared here, simply because it is quite innovative! How does the thought of supermarket shopping from your car sound to all of you? Just check out the video and find out! This genius concept is the brainchild of the Russian inventor Semenov Dahir Kurmanbievich. He has even filed a patent for the concept.

With technology furiously advancing forward, don`t be surprised if this idea becomes a reality in a few years! Furthermore, the whole supermarket shopping process is meant to last about 5 minutes, thus making the shopping much more efficient! This is why we had to share this video with you guys, this idea is really amazing!

The official name of this Russian concept is Drive Market. It is a grocery store that is made like a drive thru, enabling people to shop without having to leave their cars. The grocery store is set up to look just like a gas station. It has a lot of shopping stations, where you can park your car and start your supermarket shopping spree! The shopping stations have the entire inventory the Drive Market has to offer, and the buyer can scroll through it and get what he or she needs.

The chosen goods are put on a conveyor belt that transfers the products to a cashier who bags them for you. On a separate floor, a few workers would be responsible for managing the inventory in real time. Overall, we think this is an amazing idea. Check out the video for the Drive Market concept, and tell us what you think about this supermarket shopping idea!

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