This Gas Station KARAOKE Earned A Full Tank FOR FREE!

Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Who knows, your happiness might be waiting just behind the corner. It doesn`t have to be something big, because often happiness comes in small packages. And more importantly when you least expect. That`s what makes it special. The gas station karaoke video we have here today is related with what we`ve said so far. It`s about one couple doing their ordinary daily routines. In this case filling their gas tank. But little do they know is that they are being recorded on a national television while doing so.

At first, the man is unaware of what`s going on and hums a random song, while the anchorman introduces us with the show. Seconds later the anchorman addresses the man and got him baffled! After the short chat, the customer agrees to sing a song to get free gas! He sings a Bon Jovi song surprisingly good and gets gasoline free of charge! Then his partner decides to join him and they make the whole situation really entertaining. However, we believe that this occurrence might be prearranged due to several factors. First, the man didn`t introduce himself and the anchorman knew his name, and second the anchorman had already prepared the second song for the girl. Isn`t this suspicious? The gas station karaoke couple was even invited to one talk show in order to tell the truth behind this video. Follow this link, to watch the entire interview!