The Amazing Actor Reveals His HELIUM Vin Diesel VOICE! This is HILARIOUS! MUST WATCH!

Vin Diesel is a well-known actor especially known for his magnificent roles in very popular movies such as Fast and Furious, Triple X, Riddick and many more. This man is especially famous among Motor Heads and Car lovers! We always imagine him and his deep voice in a Ford Mustang as he drives madly on the streets of a certain city! When we picture a Vin Diesel voice we picture a strong, and deep manly voice! Vin would not be himself without his muscles and without his movie roles that include fast and furious cars!

Moreover, you could not even imagine Vin with a soft voice, which is why he was made to inhale helium on a talk show! At first it looked like Vin Diesel has never heard of this trick before, he even asked if it was legal! We got to admit though. It sounds kind a strange of Vin to never heard of this helium voice trick. This part looks a bit staged, but who cares. Anyhow, everything went as it should have. You can only imagine what he might sound like on helium. Many compared him to Alan Carr, Salad Fingers, an old lady that used to smoke in her youth and many more hilarious examples! What is also funny as hell with this outstanding helium Vin Diesel voice is also his accent on it.

Apart from his seriousness as a badass character he also proves that he has an excellent sense of humor as well. When he inhales the helium he trolls the show`s host Jonathan Ross perfectly. Hearing Vin Diesel talk on helium regularly would`ve been hilarious. But, hearing him talk on helium with a British accent is hysterically funny! Check it out and be ready to destroy the replay button!

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