Vin Diesel Stunt With DODGE CHARGERS From “FAST 5”!

As we know well that there is not even one sane gearhead in the world who does not loves a true American muscle car and does not enjoy in the action from the “Fast and Furious” franchise! Yet alone, a good Vin Diesel Stunt!

We are always looking for some cool videos in which we can get much more `close and personal` with what is really happening during the filming of these great movies that are celebrating the glory and power of sports and muscle cars like no others.

That is why we are giving you this short Vin Diesel stunt video from behind the scenes of the fifth part of “Fast and Furious”, in which you will see how some of the best and most attractive scenes from this sequel were filmed.

Normally, Vin Diesel is here, but the main focus is on those fabulous black Dodge Chargers that were ruling the streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and how the crew actually pulled all those dangerous final chasing scenes we all enjoy watching and that are giving us the proper doze of adrenalin rush.

There is not anything more that I should be telling you about it, so just watch the video and enjoy it. Dodge rules!