FREIGHTLINER SUPERTRUCK Of Tomorrow! The Most Fuel Efficient Truck On The Planet!

Let us tell you a little story about little Freightliner Supertruck!

FREIGHTLINER SUPERTRUCK future fuel efficient truck 1

Several years ago, in 2009, the United States Department Of Energy issued a challenge for the vehicle producers to create a more cargo-efficient truck. It was demanded to create a truck that is at least 50% more cargo-efficient as well as the engine to present minimum 50% improvement in the brake thermal efficiency. Pretty challenging, huh? The best solution came from the German multinational automotive corporation DAIMLER. It is called Freightliner Supertruck.

Germans were the ones to create the most fuel-efficient truck in the world. It means that it can travel 12.2 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel. If you were paying attention, previously we said that it was also required from the manufacturers to build an engine that can deliver 50% brake thermal efficiency. The international team was successful in creating a scaled down 10.7 liter engine with a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system.

Furthermore, the trailer of this vehicle plays a significant role in its efficiency and here is the answer on HOW! There are solar panels placed on top of it which absorb the solar energy and then charge the hybrid section of the motor. The cooling of the vehicle has been so well thought of! With the grill design the cooling only takes place when needed while the grills shut when cooling is not needed!

This is only a fraction of what has been done to this truck. The video contains many statements taken from people on high positions at Daimler, people who have taken great efforts in this project! If you want to find out more, scroll down and press play. You will love this invention, it`s pure amazingness! Cheers!

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