This Guy Builds +5000HP 15.7L (960CU) 12 Rotor Engine!

Holy Mother of God! If you don`t pronounce this in the first 5 seconds, then this video is not for you! We have seen some really powerful engines, whose sound can make your skin shiver! This one though, has to be right up there at the top if it is measured by the engine`s ability to give you bumps all over the body! This video is just that good! Check this amazing 12 Rotor Engine! It runs so smoothly it doesn`t even ripple the water in the glass! 

As it can be seen from the reflection of the exhaust tubes, the surface of the water is very flat! We suggest you increase your volume, but not much. We don`t want to be responsible for any possible ear damage. You can feel the power of this motor just by listening to it. Imagine this item being implemented in a car.

That car could probably gain the ability to fly! Also the fact that we hear women`s voices in the background i.e. when the women show interest makes us ever happier! So, if this engine sounds like this on its own, can you imagine how it will sound combined with a cool exhaust system? Looking forward to that!

The masterpiece shown in this video is a chromed up version of a rotary engine. The 12 rotor engine has custom made shafts and three 4-rotor cranks. This engine can net 5400bhp at 11,000 RPM with 50lb of boost and race gas!

That is definitely some serious power right there! Any car lucky enough to get this baby installed will instantly become a racing car! The guys who built this knew exactly what they were doing, and the very least we can do is give them a little bit of recognition! Check out their video!

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