The MOST DETAILED 1971 Plymouth Cuda 1/16 Model! This Model Cuda Will BLOW YOU AWAY!


We have seen quite a few incredible models of various cars which we have shared with you. Only a rare few have been as impressive as this model Cuda we are about to show you! What you are about to see is the MOST DETAILED 1971 Plymouth Cuda 1/16 Model That Will BLOW YOU AWAY! After you see this article with all the skills by the creator Bill Davis, you will be STUNNED! This incredibly made 1/16 model 1971 Plymouth Cuda has it all, from a real functioning rack, twin turbo with rotary propellers, pinion steering, roll bars… Unlike most smaller scale models, which are built using primarily plastic, this one is made from aluminum! Even though it is only a 1/16 model of the original 1971 Plymouth Cuda, it definitely doesn`t lack details! Bill Davis is without a doubt one incredible craftsman!

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Photo credit to Bill Davis via