Learn How To Charge Your Dead Truck Battery Using A CHAINSAW!

To be fair, this video may not be as insane as this headline indicates. This is so because you are using the chainsaw`s engine and not the chain itself to charge your dead truck battery. Having said that, don`t take a chainsaw for this feat without first making sure to remove the actual chain. As you can imagine, this can be very bad for your health indeed. So, with the frame, sprocket and chain removed from the saw, and also using a piece of rope, old fan belt, or even shoelaces attached to your saw, you can do awesome wonders like charging your dead truck battery.

By doing this seemingly mad idea, you can remove your fan belt from the car`s alternator pulley. Afterwards, you need to place the fan belt which is attached to the saw onto the car`s alternator pulley. The next steep you need to do is turn the chainsaw on. This will cause the spinning alternator to generate a current. This current will recharge your dead truck battery. This works similar to a car`s engine when it`s actually running. This guy elaborates the entire process very well so if you want a full rundown make sure to check out the video below.

If you need to repeat the basic lessons, here is the guide for dummies on how to operate a chainsaw.