The PREDATOR – The Most Powerful Chainsaw With V8 Engine That Cuts A 30 Inch Log In 0.88 Seconds!

The Predator… Just by the sound of that name you know that something BAD and POWERFUL is up! Well, it is. The Predator is nickname for the most powerful chainsaw we have ever seen. It really does act like a predator, treating the logs as his victims. The chainsaw is equipped with a nasty V8 motor running at full motion. The video that we are broadcasting takes place in Placerville, California. The event in stake are the Logging days. There, the Predator proved that it is indeed the most powerful chainsaw to be seen lately.

The crowd at the Logging days was stunned by the Predator`s performance. The powerful chainsaw is able to cut a 30″ log in only 0.88 seconds! However, the video that we present to you takes 2.2 seconds! People have argued that the video was sped up, which we convince you is not! If you are a cold headed thinker, you will see it by yourself. The important thing here is, that the Predator did its part. Now, it is your turn to go below the text and play the video! You will be amazed by the power of this V8 chainsaw – the Predator!

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