2 Stroke Motor! V8 engine With Electronic Fuel Injection!

There are many ways to call a 2 stroke motor. 2 stroke engine of course, but also, a two cycle motor! However, for those that are not that much into mechanics here is a brief intro on the 2 stroke motor! This type of combustion engine completes the power cycle with only two strokes. Thus, the name. This, however, is the contrast to the 4 stroke engine, which, logically requires 4 strokes of the piston so it could complete a power cycle! However, the 2 stroke motor is known for the fact that the end of a combustion stroke and the beginning stroke happen at the same time!

There are different types of the 2 stroke motor: the piston controlled inlet port, the reed inlet valve as well as the rotary inlet valve. Of course, there are many others as well. However, this custom 2 stroke engine will leave you speechless!

Check this  amazing V8 2 Stroke motor based on Evinrude 300XP -91, with home made expansion chambers and milled away exhaust and electronic fuel injection.

At first glance this engine looks like an alien from a science fiction movie. But later on, once you hear it running, that impression disappears and we know that it is a word of an item made by humans from the planet Earth. See how easily this motor starts, only with a tiny contact. Moreover, listen to that cool idling and revving sound which suits a racing car, not a boat. Apart from the fact that this is a boat engine, its creators claim that it won`t be used as such. Who knows what they have in mind. Any ideas? Check out this video and feel free to share and comment!

At the end, if you want to read more about the 2 stroke engine, follow this link!