Epic Drag Race Footage Features A Car’s Driveshaft & Rear Differential While It Is Accelerating!

If you are an adrenaline addict, then you are probably very familiar with GoPro cameras! They are made for everyone who loves doing crazy things, giving them an opportunity to take pictures and film from their perspective. However, some people are more creative than that, and they put their camera in places one would never think of! In the video that we are sharing today, you will see some epic drag race footage from a really interesting angle! The camera is put underneath the car on the Driveshaft & Rear Differential! Now that is a really interesting place to put your camera and it gives us a close look at how fast the driveshaft spins!

Because of the camera placement, we don`t know anything about the car and its make. However, judging from that sound, it is something pretty fast and powerful. Also, from the angle, the chutes can be seen dropping after the pass is done! Whoever thought of placing the camera underneath the car, thank you! You have given us epic drag race footage unlike any other! We are just glad that we stumbled upon this video and that we are sharing it with you guys. Enjoy!

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