Insane 100FT Dirt Bike Dune JUMPING! Accidentally Lands On A Jeep Wrangler’s Hood!

Imagine that you go out to the desert for some dune adventuring in your Wrangler when suddenly a sorcerous dirt bike falls from the sky to land right on your bonnet. Then the magical dirt bike continues to ride down the sand dune like nothing happened. For this unfortunate Wrangler driver that was the case. A dirt bike rider managed to launch himself over a dune, jumping around 100 feet in the air and briefly touching the hood of a Jeep wrangler as he lands. This is one insane dirt bike dune jumping like never before seen. It all happened at the glorious Qatari dune.

Somehow, his friends that were sitting at the top of the hill failed to give him a warning that there are a couple of Jeeps driving along on the opposite side. At first, it doesn`t really appear that the dirt bike was affected by the Jeep. This dirt bike rider is very fortunate because only several feet were needed to hit the Jeep directly and to be severely injured. However, the placement enabled the dirt bike to keep on riding. When it comes to the Jeep, the hood has some pretty extensive damage and probably it needs to be replaced. Fortunately, both of them got out of this unscathed. Watch the insane dirt bike dune jumping below and tell us what you think.

Finally, enjoy this fantastic dune jumping with GoPro by following this link!