Check out this amazing tutorial in a time-laps video and learn how to get rust off your tools. Sixteen hours of work were condensed in a 60-second time lapse video and you will have a chance to see how the rust is falling off of metal drill bits. Actually these guys are only soaking their tools in a vinegar and the light layer of rust is going away a lot easier that you had ever thought. This method of rust removal is pretty simple and I’m pretty sure we will all use trick on out tools and other rusted objects.

How To Get RUST OFF Your TOOLS 2

Actually you can buy only a bottle of vinegar, which is not more than $2 and restore your rusted tools like new with a little touch of magic. It is unbelievable how quickly the vinegar cleans away the unwanted rust from the metal. However, we must be aware that vinegar could not help if the rust was aggressive and deeply affected the metal but then you might try with a spritz and a steel brush.

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