3 Simple Life Hacks That You Need To Try! Another Amazing Tutorial By Mr. Gear!

If you have seen the Mr. Gear channel on YouTube, you definitely know that their huge success is focused on creating obscure creations with materials that are easy to find in every household. These guys shows you how to collect all of that junk that is laying around your house and make it into something interesting.

3 Simple Life Hacks Mr Gear 4

Some of the ideas doesn`t seem that useful, but there are also other ideas that can be very beneficial, and it will save you time and money as well. In this one, we can see 3 simple life hacks that are very fun and a must try for every DIY enthusiast.

The first one, teaches you how to make a fan out of a plastic bottle. It requires a bit of soldering and a couple of items that are simple and easy to find. The second one, is very interesting and it can prove very beneficial as well. It teaches you how to make a portable smartphone battery charger. The third one can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. It shows you how to make waterproof shower lights. The last one is our favorite. It shows you how to make a mini electric screwdriver. Check out the 3 simple life hacks that are very fun to do in the video below.

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